Founders and organizers


The authors of the AAAMC project is a medical company- Buta Esthetic and pharmaceutical company Pharmanova with the active support of IMCAS (International master- classes and a congress on skin aging).

The organizers- Buta Esthetic and Pharmanova companies for 10 and 13 years of activity respectively, have become the most reliable partners of specialists working in the sphere of aesthetic medicine. Companies’ priority and mission are the highest excellence, attachment to its working field and compliance with ethical standards of doing business. By promoting aesthetic products of eminent worldwide manufacturers, concentrating attention on the main fields of competence, keeping own marketing novelties and maintaining leading positions on the highest quality products market, Buta Esthetic and Pharmanova companies have created a friendly business climate, an atmosphere of optimism and creative development of the field of Anti-Age Medicine in the country.

Being an expert №1 in the country in the sphere of aesthetic and anti-age medicine starting from 2006 and 2009 respectively, Pharmanova and Buta Esthetic companies, in the framework of training center Kepro School, the base of which is the leading clinic in the country (Kepro Esthetic & Antiage Clinic), alternate informative thematic seminars with exciting trips, which include master-classes led by world-class specialists.

Since the moment of creation of Kepro School, more than 500 specialists have been sent to prestigious trainings, qualification update trainings and congresses, 7 doctors have received the status of official and certified trainers and the process is continuing. More than 100 conferences, master-classes and dissection (anatomic) courses were organized by Buta Eshtetic and Pharmanova during just a little more than 90 months of training program.

The 3-month state-accredited training program includes: the basics of dermatology, face anatomy, skin diagnostics, contouring, Mesotherapy, botulinum therapy, plasmolifting, body lifting, chemical peeling, machine cosmetology, face and body skin treatment, cellulite prevention and treatment. In 2016 new directions- trichology, nutrition and management in aesthetic medicine were included in the program.

The founder of “Art оf Beauty Award” is "Art of Beauty" magazine, first and still unique periodic specialized edition in the country covering Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology. Since 2014, in unison with AAAMC congress the “Art of Beauty Award” has defined the main goals: to popularize specialties related to the beauty industry, to receive well-deserved public recognition of the best specialists, clinics and techniques that helps to increase their rating among patients, maintaining high quality standards of services in the sphere of dermatocosmetology and anti-age medicine, to support talented young professionals. 

Aesthetic Medicine is very sensitive towards services and products quality. Only high-quality, innovative materials along with professionalism, unending diligence and honesty towards patients can raise our sphere up to the maximum point of development, development that is following the speed of the development of our country.

Elshan Mammadov

Elena Rumyantseva 
(Scientific director)

Jamila Jalilova
(Scientific coordinator)

Kenul Tairova

Aytaj Guliyeva

Narmina Garanizadeh
(Logistics coordinator)