2014 AWARD

Main goals and tasks of the Award

  • Popularization of professions, such as cosmetologist, aesthetic surgeon and aesthetic doctor, which raises the prestige of these professions and service quality,
  • Get social recognition for the best country specialists and raise professionalism level for specialists and companies working in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology of Azerbaijan
  • Maintaining high standards of service quality in the Aesthetic Medicine field and support of talented and young specialists.

This kind of format will provide truly identification, let them to express themselves, and to others – to learn by following the example of genuine masters.

The key to success will be the use of international medical and professionally-ethical working standards. The art of cosmetology is alike the art of fashion: skills, creative approach and professionalism are here the most appreciated things.

 "Art of Beauty Award" is a real "sign of quality", proving winners achievements and ensuring to them customers confidence and colleagues respect.

Nominations and categories 2014

Nominations reflect main trends in modern aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. Specialists and legal entities (clinics of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, SPA, fitness-centers, Health and Beauty centres) can fulfill the application on participation in the project within following nominations and categories:


1. Nomination: PLASTIC SURGERY


  • Patriarch of national Plastic Surgery -Ph.D., plastic surgeon, Director of "Galandar" clinic, President of the Society of Plastic Surgery of Azerbaijan, ISAPS delegate.
  • Plastic surgeon of the year – Dilgam Makherramov



  • Patriarch of national Cosmetology-Professor of the Department of Dermatovenerology of AMU, Irina AMIROVA

Cosmetologist of the Year

  • Botulinum therapy- Aytan Mirzalieva
  • Contouring plastic- Leyla Abbasova
  • Mesotherapy- Gulnara Makherramova
  • Threadlifting- Gulsum Agaeva
  • Trichology- Gunay Faradzheva
  • Machine cosmetology- Nargiz Mustafaeva
  • Aesthetician of the Year- Gulara Zeynalova



  • Plastic Surgery Clinic – Istanbul Aesthetic Clinic
  • Aesthetic Medicine Clinic- BEAUTY PALACE 
  • Health and Beauty Centre- AMBASSADE DE LA BEAUTÉ 
  • Fitness-centre –ASTORIA BAKU


4. Nomination: BRANDS


  • Foreign brand- BABOR

5. Nomination: OPENING OF THE YEAR


  • Aesthetic Medicine specialist – Ruhangiz Mamedova
  • Trichologist -  Gultakin Abdullayeva
  • Aesthetic centre- BUTA AESTHETIC

6. Nomination: DEBUT OF THE YEAR


  • Aesthetic Medicine specialist - Zarina Bagirova
  • Aesthetic centre - ELAYLA Beauty Studio
  • Aesthetic Medicine clinic - KEPRO Estetik Klinika

7. Nomination: EDUCATION


  • For the contribution to development of the world mesotherapy – Laboratoires FILORGA
  • For the best organization of educational process - GALDERMA
  • For innovations in Aesthetic medicine - ALLERGAN
  • For innovations and adoption of new technologies by a cosmetologist - Ph.D., dermatologist, aesthetic medicine doctor Elena Rumyantseva

8. Nomination: SYMPATHY and CONFIDENCE


  • The choice of Art of Beauty readers - cosmetologist doctor Aygun Gahramanova
  • The choice of professionals  - cosmetologist doctor Sevinj Ahmedova
  • The choice of internet audience- Yegana Karimova

9. Nomination: EXCLUSIVITY


  • For the contribution to laparoscopic bariatric development as one of the areas of aesthetic surgery MODERN HOSPITAL
  • For the best medical article -cosmetologist doctor Narmina Hasanova


For an objective estimation of contest participants, there has been developed a special criteria system, that allows in most objective way to describe and evaluate all the aspects of execution of the contest task, beginning from greeting the patient or the customer and cosmetologist's, aesthetic doctor's or specialists' look, and ending by the level of special knowledge and skills, which are necessary for performing treatment sessions. Specialists who participate in the contest had to demonstrate not only their author's approach to the contest task execution, but also to explain why they are performing treatment sessions in this way and not differently.